Trip to Vedanthangal

This is my second trip to Vedanthangal. Previous visit was close to 10 years back but then, the place remains the same and its serenity is maintained. We were there in the evening and the place was buzzing with birds. People over there say there must be around 40K birds, most of which are migrated from different parts of the world. Its is a wonder that, these birds identify the same place year over year and visit at the right time.

Lake View from Visitor gallery

The lake is full of trees submerged in the water and it spreads over 70 acres. This place exists for more than some hundred years and it was protected by the local people for the benefit they get out of the bird droppings. Birds come in here for breeding and migrates during the summer.

With Binocular, the birds closer view is a bliss to watch. They all stay together with lots of sounds. Looks like this environment with Barringtonia trees in the lake – environment undisturbed by human – food source including Mathurantakam lake near by are unique to this place that continue to bring the birds year on year. They say birds come mostly from Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Siberia.

It is good place for a day trip from Chennai. Tiruporur to Chengalpat road is neatly laid out that serves as alternate route for busy GST road. Good time to visit is from November to Feb, post which birds start moving out.

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