Walking in Clouds – Book

Some books open up inside of you. It is not about the book itself but rather the topics it touches and how it open up avenues for your dream. Himalayas has always been dreamy mountain range. Never thought of going there, may be no motivation to aim for it. First it occurred, when reading JM’s book on his trip to Himalayas.

Recent times, hearing people trekking for base camp and watching ’14 peaks’ movie triggered thoughts around the mountain. Keen to know more about the travel journeys, found this book. Author and her cousin friend makes a trip to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar in Tibetian part of Himalayas. It is their journey captured post the travel.

Travelogues that are captured on the same day or time is more realistic and found to be lively. Post certain time period, it becomes a story with author’s perspective of the day that got manipulated over time. Places, events are how its remembered and not how it was seen. Does it make a difference for the reader? I think so. In terms of, people we meet, conversations we have, thoughts behind the scenes – all these are altered by our mind later.

Reading the book, brought in more interest towards THE mountain and more precautions or preparations needed for the travel. Be it by trekking or by vehicle, it is not an easy feet to achieve. But from people experience, it is one of kind experience for any traveler ; for its beauty, enormity, vastness and tranquility. And the peace it brings with in.

Mount Kailash is even more unreachable due to political issues that makes it more special for believers. This book talks about the hardships, people accompanied, their conversations, shiva’s mythical stories, beauty of the places and the spirit of travel to Mount Kailash/Lake Manasorovar. Books also conveys the preparedness needed for the travel like these, to successfully complete the plan one has. These are once in life time places, one cannot be unprepared to miss such opportunity.

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