Trip to Munnar – Part 3

Day 3 started with visit to Spice Garden at ‘Greenland spices and ayurvedics’. There are many spice gardens in this surrounding and all has guided tour of the garden. Our guide walked us through different spice, herbs and medicinal plants in the garden. Starting with Pepper, Elachi,Cocoa, Sithirathai (Lesser galangal), Nutmeg, Kalvaazhai, medicinal turmeric, clove tree and many other plants/trees for almost all types of body problems. Only question stayed in the mind, why do we prefer western medicine over ayurveda. May be not enough corporates investing or may be it looks body as a whole and addresses the root than the symptoms. Symptoms cure is easy/short term and that is what is done in our modern medicine.

I have been having hand allergy for last 2 years (never had this before) and modern medicine says, ‘it happens after 35, just take these ointments’ that has steroid in it. Ayurveda says, it is because, there is impurities in the blood that is causing the allergy. Will cover the result in separate blog. But the spice garden visit was reminder of our age old medicinal system and leverage where ever possible than taking modern medicine for small things. Spice garden had a shop attached to it, where different spices and ayurvedic medicines were sold.

From there, stopped at karadipara view point and a falls near by. Countless falls can be seen in Munnar, of all sizes. Then went to the CSI church in the town. This was built 100 years before and standing strong to this day. Stopped at Kannan devan outlet to buy some tea packets. And tea in any shop (small or big) smells leafy and tastes fresh.

In the evening, went to Sengulam lake and had peaceful boating. Less crowd and beautiful surrounding. From there, went to see sunset view and waited for the sun to get down. Winded off the day by buying some delicious chocolate’s at Manna Chocolate factory. They demo the chocolate processing and their golden variety is rich and tasty.

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