Step towards Natural and Sustainable Living – Avoid Chemicals

Getting used to urban life and consumeristic culture, i was mindless about the chemical products used at home. While the food is taken care to an extent, started to look at each and every products used at home. If there is option, going for a sustainable and natural alternative.

First thing to remove was dish washing soaps/liquids. Given the hectic life, most of dishes are cleaned by our helpers and visible or invisible cleaning agents residue was bothering me for some time. From one of vlogs, came to know about EcoSwachh. This is one of the alternate to chemicals in market but still an expensive one. So started making Bioenzyme at home and going to have this as all purpose cleaning solution at home. This is such an easy process (though longer lead time of 3 months) and very effective replacement for all harmful chemicals used at home. Started this in lock down, already 3 months and in a week’s time, first set of bio enzymes are ready for use! I hope to continue the same replacing all harmful (to us + environment) cleaners and a sustainable one too!

Toothpaste is one other item that is loaded with chemicals and the first thing we start our day with. I learnt the name of toxins here and its ill effects. So with the help of same blog, started making natural powder with what is available around home. Collected Guava leaves, Neem leaves and shade dried it for few days. Adding little cinnamon, grinded all to powder and sieved it. My kid did most of the work here – collecting, drying, sieving. It was fun filled and worth spent time in lock down. Have been using it now, refreshing and more than that satisfying (not being a consumer but my produce, is natural and sustainable)!

There are only few more items like soap, shampoo(looks like bioenyme is an alternate, going to try that) that are to be changed. For now, going with market available alternatives.

Urban life is a trap to mindless consumeristic nature/culture. Knowing the trap, should never fall in to it again!

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