Jain Temple – Thirumalai

We went to Thirumalai hill while returning from Thiruvannamalai. It is 45 mins drive in the state highway way.

This hill is again under ASI maintenance. Hill is in the middle of a small village with very small entry door and no space for parking. There was no one at the place except for the security family and few local kids helping for maintenance.

There are Jain temples and caves with Jain sculptures in the base of the hill. The temples are built during chola times per the inscription. Inscriptions can be found at many places in the hill. while there is no informational boards available at the place, wiki and few blogs have its history.

There is temple for Mahavira at the base and caves have wall sculptures of thirthankaras. There are 3 floored caves with paintings of 15th or 16th century.

Sculptures craved out of rocks are intact, but the paintings and the structure are damaged to larger extent.

We reached the hill top by climbing around 100 steps. There is Neminatha statue of more than 60 feet. Neminatha is the 22nd thirthankara of Janinism and this seems to be the tallest statue of him in the state. Statue is closed with bars, hoping in the intention of preventing the monument

There was small temple at the top of the hill. View from the hill was green, thanks to the monsoon this year.

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