Monsoon Trip – Kodagu & Kaveri

Kodagu or Coorg is known for its mountains, climate and vacations. Since Thi.Ja’s book on Kaveri, the origin place of Kaveri river (Thala Kaveri) comes to mind when ever Coorg is mentioned. We did not visit Thala kaveri this time, but trip was most of the times filled with Kaveri river.

Kushal Nagar is at the foot hill of Coorg. Nisargadhama Park is with in few kms and is yet another island created by Kaveri river. It hosts a birds park, sculptures of kodagu culture and few adventure games inside. One has to cross the rope bridge to reach the island. In most places we have been in these few days, river is wider and wider. Crossing the bridge slowly, absorbing the sound of rushing river, hanging bridge that takes us even more closer to the river are moments of consciousness. These happens only during travel, otherwise our senses are used to mundane routines. Boating and accessing the river shore were blocked due to excessive water in the river.

Harangi Dam is 10 kms from Kushal nagar. Harangi river feeds to this reservoir and the river gets merged to kaveri after few kms from here. For one reason or other, Kaveri filled the trip. Falls, dams, bridges, park – there is kaveri at every point. It separates kodagu from mysore, creates island at nisargadhama – barachukki – gaganachukki- srirangapatna and comes through out the trip.

Harangi Dam

Madikeri is 1 hour uphill drive, it was raining continuously. We visited Abbey falls, Rajas Seat and a small museum in the town. A quick walk through coffee plantation took us to the Abbey falls. There was a hanging bridge to have the straight view of falls, but it was damaged and closed. The side view point was still intact and took us closer to the falls. Rajas seat was misty and the view was not visible. Government museum in Madikeri is church converted to museum with some of sculptures and coins of previous era. This reminded Chennai’s Egmore Musuem. Egmore musuem is the largest museum we have visited so far and it had wider collection of artifacts from history, botany, zoology, technology,… It reminded us to visit again the Egmore musuem.

Chiklihole Reservoir is few kms diversion while returning to Kushal nagar. There is a walking trail that takes us to the semi circular hole. This structure is unique to this dam, it gives a beautiful view to the overflowing water. It is a scenic spot with lush greenery and dam in midst of it.

Chiklihole Reservoir

Coorg being a coffee town, coffee shops have this aroma to fall in love with coffee. After rain and coffee in Madikeri, we headed back for our second visit to Tibetan restaurant.


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