Sapiens – Book

This books needs no introduction. Some of the books are registered to mind that it must be of great value and must read it some day. Such list is long and this one got ticked off. Time to Time, books you read changes the perspective of life. Even best, very few books make you question ‘what was i thinking before’. It just gets with in you and become part of you in no time.

Till 70,000 years back, our ancestors lived as any other species in this world. We were no different from animals, birds or plants. That seems to be fair in nature’s creation. But then, Why our ancestor brains develop. Why did we evolve from naïve mammals to cognitive beings. Yet to be fully understood. In 2022, one cannot really imagine what would have been the life like then. Author takes us back there, talk about what could have happened and why it happened through his research. From cognitive revolution to agricultural revolution to Imperial revolution to Religion to Capitalism to Modern technology.

Knowing history keeps us grounded. Makes us realize, we live in a far better world. There is no fairness in history nor in today. But level of disparity has considerably reduced in this liberal world. And we cannot expect this liberalism will take us to a peaceful world. All we can do is, how to make peace with ourselves. That is still possible. Health, Purpose and Community are key themes that one has to focus for a satisfied life.

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