Letters to the Self – Writing

Writing has always been part of life. Still, this activity is questioned by the self. Self decides not to write, why to spend energy? Writing demands more thinking and in turn, mind consumes more energy from the body. Self requires reinforcement often. Then what it does gain out of writing?

Writing is like saying i am here, in my consciousness, today, in this world – to self more than any one else. Once this day is crossed, self do not know what the previous day self was. Self do not know who this person is and what something meant for her. Today’s self is selected memories of previous self. But not the same exact version of self. What it went through yesterday or last year is only in the shades and it fades off as time goes by. Self gets satisfied or become experienced based on how the previous versions acted and reacted to the situations. Today it confidently say that it was me. But in truth, it was not the same me.

It is part of self evolution. Why should it be bothered too much? Each and every experience cannot be captured. How to decide which instance weighs more than the others. Which has be to written, which need not be. It cannot be weighed, it cannot be ranked.

Writing is an action. It is a creation. To create some thing is a meaningful act. Who decides what is meaningful and what is not? Self picks it from the trend, culture, history and its own experience till date. Irrespective of the subject, self gets consolidated at each writing. It retrospect, gathers itself and writes what it wants to retain. Discard what it doesn’t want to. What was written may be read in the future, may be not but it does not matter.

When the writing happens, what happens inside the self is what matter the most! Keep Writing for the Self.

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