As a child and even in the years later, food was only to satisfy hunger. Special items as a child would be limited to  few items that gets cooked by mom’s hand and rarely cooked at home. Sweets and Savories are for festivals. Snacks are limited to local supplies of fruits. Meat was consumed on Sunday’s as regular food. And not to mention the hostel food, what can be special (but we still had best of worst as special!). Never heard of Carbs, proteins and fats! Eat till the plate gets empty! Once food gets inside, you don’t care to remember it at all.

Fast forward, Today, Food takes considerable amount of our thinking and effort. What to eat, How much to eat, When to eat, How much of nutritional value each food has, Is it organic, packed, list goes on. Over the years, wisdom gets in you with food as well. By this time, most of popular foods are tried and its easily available. One gets to choose what to eat on regular basis and tend to limit/ignore others. When making healthy choices, some of unhealthy items are craved for.

Fermentation Experiments

To balance, there are moments where i was tempted to try out such things on my own. Trying out new things is always good. Be ready for failures. My dear friend is expert at experimenting with food and expert at fermentation. Her influence, made me try brewing Kombucha at home. It did came out well but then its strong flavor and alcohol presence (though negligible amount) did not give motivation for me to continue.

This time, its simple fermented lemonade. And it tastes much better than any lime soda i have ever had. And it hardly takes few mins to prepare and let it ferment for couple of days. But instead of this, why industry goes for carbonation. Its for Mass production and long shelf life. Fermentation has a life inside (bacteria or yeast) and it cannot thrive well in all environments. Food is all industrialised.

What one consumes is at own risk, knowing what it is becomes paramount these days. No better quote than this though it’s over rated, you are what you eat !

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