Fresh Air!

Early morning is the most special part of the day. Getting out of home for a walk by 6 am, makes the day perfect. It keeps the day fresh and peaceful irrespective of how hectic it is going to be. How ever critical the work is going to be.

When the morning breeze touches you, there is momentary happiness and the feeling of ‘Now’. Everything around looks fresh and green. Happy to see people walking, running, going to work and chatting sometimes. After few mins of walk, body gets to it auto pilot walk and mind starts it work. It goes over the previous days instances. Most often, those instances would have been forgotten the previous day after it happened due to the madness of the day. But it gets stored in the memory and come all of a sudden in the morning.

Mind goes through where ever it feels, neurons connect each other and make some suggestions on how to store that memory or how to discard unnecessary things. Those petty and unnecessary things would have felt like a bigger problem when it happened the previous day. But the very next morning, it loses its fire and only the core remains. Haah, that is why they say ‘sleep over it and make the decision next day’. Very true, important things stay important.

After some time, when the past is done, it gets in to the future. It could be about today or future. Mind lays out the plan, few things it asks you to take it slow. Some things, to act immediately. Thinking back, most of important decisions, be it work or personal, morning walk would have played a major role. People whom you missed to call or had rough discussion, corrective actions to make peace with arises here. And to make peace with the self for things not done or not done in right way. By this time, more than 40 mins done and body start showing some signals of the strain it had gone through. Then complete the distance planned and return back home refreshed.

If you get to see birds, hear its sound and its activeness in the morning, it is an added bonus. When you miss to go for a walk, it might seem only calories are not burned. But what we often forget is that, more than the body – mind goes for a good walk during this time and get its energy/happiness/serenity needed for rest of the day. Its really a happy morning only when ‘Fresh air’ happens!.

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