Trip to Munnar – Part 2

Day 2 started a bit early with first stop as Mattupetty dam. Munnar has a small town at center and rest of the tourist places are surrounded across directions. Roads are narrow and driving is a real skill here. Hiring a local driver always helps in mountains. They give better guidance on the routes and places. We travelled more than an hour to reach the dam, route was surrounded by greenery of mountains and tea gardens.

After a day, everything becomes normal for our eyes (what was a wonder day before or first day) and had to bring ourselves back to being in the present.

There was an amusement park at the dam entrance and we went in for my daughter. It had very minimal rides/games and many of it were not operational. Not sure if covid impacted the business but waste of money. My daughter enjoyed though (kids!!!!). Boating plan was bit goofed up and we had to wait another 1 hour to board the shared boat. So we left to the next point after taking look at the dam.

Next we stopped at Echo point. Some places are more photogenic than actually it is. This is one such place. We shouted for Echos, mountains echoed our sounds. This became my child’s favorite spot of the day (she was shouting and enjoying all along).

Left to Kundala dam from Echo point. This one had pedal boating and had a beautiful view from the lake. While returning back, stopped for Kathakali show at Kalarikshethra. Since we did not understand the art, we could not enjoy or appreciate the performance. Still worth watching it for real time experience.

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