Sunny Side up – Book

I have been following Anu Hasan in insta for some time now. I take inspiration from her for fitness and seeing the positive side of life. There are many people who inspired me to take fitness as one of core principles and often look for such motivation to keep running/going.

Found mention of this book in one of her comments and its title was interesting, this is her hashtag as well. This is more of a memoir on various aspects of life from family, work, being woman, people, divorce and so on. While the outside of it may be known to many but how she internally handled within herself is in the book.

Being a woman in our country and to deviate from the norm, is a challenging path. Irrespective of where one come from, she has to have strong Will power to go forward in the chosen path. There will be challenges from the sources one wouldn’t otherwise expect or in the form that she herself has to stop what has taken for herself.

This book in many ways can be related but how Anu handled is inspiring. Her reactions to emotional instances, that she flips to see the sunny side after standing against the situation. Standing against is an instant reaction but generally culture has taught us to let it go silently or ‘adjust’ to it. She does it, in spite of being a celebrity and having a ‘name’ baggage. Life is not lived if the days are same or we remain indifferent to the instances in life. One need not climb Himalayas to bring that difference. It could be different route during the walk, making a good coffee to our helper, being patient to our child, letting go our ego to our dear ones,…. Doing what one feels, facing the repercussions and taking lessons will make us grow. She has done many and it questions how we handled… Good read..

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