Dying to be ME – Book

Picked up this book through a friend’s referral. Most times, book will reach you when you need it the most. It will either open up some thing new to you or will confirm/bring out what is burning inside you as affirmation.

This book by Anita Moorjani is a memoir of her life journey, focusing on her healing journey from terminal cancer. Author suffers the disease for four years, takes up different types of treatment avoiding the conventional chemotherapy. Nothing helped. As the disease advanced, her entire physical body deteriorated and was about to shut down. In the last hours, she gets in to coma for 30 hours. What she goes through in the 30 hours and how it healed her for rest of the life is the intent of the book.

As learned from this book, Near Death experience as a concept new to me. Something beyond imagination. As death itself is a perceived in different ways by different people, NDE is even more difficult to comprehend. But what i gained from the book is what will stay with me.

When ever there is this question of purpose or meaning of life, death bed is a metaphor to arrive at the goals. Common question would be, how would you want to imagine your life had been when you are in the death bed. Things that you regret not doing. This might not come all of a sudden, but it would be accumulation of wishes that had not been fulfilled because of you not taking your own ‘wants’ seriously or not prioritizing it due to other external factors.

When you reach the last minute, all external factors are broken to pieces and what remains is just you. You with all the external factors removed. Prioritizing that ‘you’ and being the ‘you’ is the core message taken from the book. To know this, one need not go to death bed. But do a inquiry with in oneself. Introspect periodically, see if the external you and the internal you are aligned most of the times.

While the miraculous cure is beyond my limited knowledge, mind creating disease and its power to heal a disease is not new. How mind works is still a larger question to the medical community. Until all the questions of life and death are answered or even after that, what one can do is believe in yourself and don’t ignore the true self.

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