The Little Prince – Book

Bought the book for my kid after seeing the movie with the same title. This book was written by a French pilot during world war. It is actually for adults who forgot the child in themselves or who forgot themselves and focused only towards ‘greater’ consequences.

Author portrays his experience of spending 8 days in Sahara after his plane crash. It is a fictional work where he met a little prince who shares his story of his small planet and his visits to other planets including earth. Reading this book, one realizes that ‘what is true is what heart sees’ but it doesn’t take a day to move on to the worldly consequences.

One would understand the ‘true want’ of self only during a difficult situation. If its read in such situation, this book brings up the question inside adults and see what the heart sees as happiness through the prince. It shows the answers as well. To take it or not could be based on situation of heart over head or head over heart.

For Children, it is just one. Always heart takes the lead for them. So they are the little prince in every manner.

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