There is this satisfaction of completion. Completion of an active work is actually satisfying than passive work. That is where ‘karma’ is placed at important position philosophically so long. When it is the task or work one loves, then its passion.

Not everyone identifies their passion. It has to be honed from the childhood in one form or another. It can be for fun or it can be through people close by. If there is no such opportunity, then it has to be explored by us. At what age? What ever age one realizes the Maslow’s Theory.

For Latter case, its not a easy path forward. When every body else seems to be satisfied with what they have and do (its a mirage though), this soul alone want to progress through the pyramid. This needs lots of perseverance. And lots of trial and error. Person i admire the most said this “any new skill you want to explore, then do it for 100 hours before you decide the liking/disliking”. During the course of this trial and error, one has to maintain the usual at work and home. It shouldn’t be disrupted, then the whole process will become unstable and the pursuit will go for a toss.

New skill that one looks to develop should be a active one, one that would demand to create or work on something. It could be for oneself (physical/mental fitness related activities or creative work) or for others (it could be for others – for a concern or a cause). Monetary reward has to be kept offside till the skill is honed to a desired level. Else just the worry of it would again confuse the goal.

Part of this process, smaller goals can be set, remember the 100 hours. Output getting out of this yielding happiness is a indication to pursue longer. This 100 hours might take weeks or months as this is only a small part of our regular life. Complete the goal irrespective of the output or the liking. If there is no happiness or satisfaction through the process, then look for the next skill/work in line.

If the happiness or satisfaction is found during the course, then the completion would be even more fulfilling. Add the skill to your life, protect it and hone it for rest of the life. It can also be set of such skills for some and just one for some. it depends on the type of person one is. But its the satisfaction from active work that keeps us moving ahead happily. Listen to the seeker within!

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