The Voice

There is this voice inside. It keeps talking all the time. It doesn’t have day or night i think. It talks to the exterior self while the body is awake and keeps pestering the sub conscious at sleep.

It let the exterior self to do what it likes or when it does not care. It haunts it when there is slight onset of boredom. It questions every single action, but it does nothing in action.

It could turn things upside down if it wants. It wont let you move a peck if it doesn’t.

It would let you sail through biggest worry in the smoothest way, but would make you pick the trivial problem and turn it to biggest of the problem. It all depends on its mood.

It would make you work for 16 hours with no sign of tiredness, if it likes. It would spoil the entire day for no reason that the exterior self knows.

It makes you love a person in spite of their mistakes, it makes you forgive and forgive forever. But can bring in a shield with person it doesn’t like for reason that exterior self doesn’t have a clue.

It would let you immerse in to a book for hours at a stretch if it feels. but wont let you pass through a sentence if it doesn’t.

With all its idiosyncrasies, it is this voice that keeps questioning the purpose. it is this voice that keeps you move forward. it is this voice that doesn’t let stay in comfort. it is this voice that gets satisfied only with real happiness.

Let it talk!