The Great Indian Kitchen – Movie

Its been few years that i stopped watching TVs but do watch movies at times. This movie came with strong recommendation from my Hubby. After watching, asked or urged my close circle college friends to do the same (who are mostly at their late thirties). Discussions went on before and after watching the movie. It shockingly told that it would take another few generations to take off the patriarchal mind set. At the least, to understand what it actually means and why it shouldn’t exist.

This movie makes perfect sense and it IS still applicable for our generations. Personally individual getting impacted or not matters. And which gender one is matters. Or reverse the order. And there could be different combinations, so arguing in a common forum with people will not do any good. But each has a responsibility as a daughter, wife, mother or as a son, husband, father to provide environment around them that is safe and happy place to be.

As a women and looking at other women around, trying to categorize in a society that still has patriarchy in different forms in a household (% could vary from 0 to 100, though 0 are minimal).

  • If i am not impacted and a female, i can stand out and sympathize what my mom/grandmom or neighbour had gone through and ensure my son/daughter realize what it is and what he or she should be or shouldn’t be doing as they grow up
  • If i am impacted and a female,
    • and i realize what is happening to me is not acceptable to me, do i have confidence to fight the situation sooner or later? i think the women in the movie had the courage to do that
    • and i realize what is happening to me is not acceptable to me, but i dont have the confidence to fight the situation. This could be due the upbringing, financial situation (my own and kids), fear of future, etc… What would happen to me and my next generation?
    • and if I don’t realize which means I won’t get impacted also, then continue the legacy of patriarchy and think that it’s the life’s goal, only thing I could think is ‘Ignorance is bliss’. But what would happen to next generation i am bringing up?

And with male, there are folks who think gender equality is reducing the “family values” (Grow up !!!) and few like, hey we are happy why is it bothering you (if the other side is truly is, then also don’t expect the same to happen with your kids when they grow up). But there are genuine men who care about it for their wife, mother, daughters and what it means for them, what can be done mutually to make each of their life happier/satisfied.