Trip to Kaveri Crossing – 1 (Vendipalayam Barrage)

Since reading the book about Kaveri, marked places that are of historical importance on the river shore. Those are mostly ancient temples, bridges, falls and confluences. While this one is not of historic importance but a crossing near Erode on the river Kaveri. It is the next roadway bridge after Bhavani Kooduthurai, the familiar railway crossing bridge is seen from here.

There is a children’s park along side of the barrage with play area and sit out areas. We visited around 5 pm and were thrown out around 6 pm. Couldn’t get to view the sunset, but otherwise also beautiful view of the river from the park.

There were lot of fishing birds flying in unison as in shapes of fishes & birds. Wondered how do they beautifully co-ordinate. Multiple flocks with more than 100 birds in each were flying. Its silhouette at the time of sunset was a bliss to watch.

Barrage is part of Bhavani Hydro power project and the water was only flowing through one of the outlet gates. Most of the water was stagnant and that stillness gave a look of lake than a river. Rocks were eroded and were of different shapes, how long these were lying there, in thousands!.