Stop at KRP dam

On the way back home, we stopped at Krishnagiri dam for sight seeing. It’s 4 km from the highway and few kms before Krishnagiri junction.

Monkeys welcomed us in the ticket counter, paying the entrance fee we stopped in front of the park. Park is at the front side of dam, well maintained and large one with kids play area. It did not have variety of trees or flowering plants. But some of trees were huge and seemed to be there for ages.

Climbed up the dam, reservoir gave a beautiful sight inspite of scorching sun. Evening or night view must be breathtaking.

Thenpennai river feeds the reservoir and the river originates from Nandi Hills in Karnataka. Reading a book about Kaveri, and so now a days traversing through the river path in the maps is a good timepass. I wonder how as a kid, i used to always draw rivers from its destination to source and I think understanding was also inverse.

Water birds were fishing at slow pace. Couldn’t get closer shot though.

After spending some more time walking around the park, we went to boat house. It is on the highway with a larger children park attached. Though smaller boating area, boat ride was pleasant for the evening and the silhouette of the mountains were beautiful.

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