A Short Detour

Trip from Chennai to Erode had been mostly tiring with traffic, breaks which lead to long hours of journey. This time we took a short detour to 1008 shiva temple near Salem for a break.

This temple is in a small hill with 1007 Linga/ Nandhi statues surrounding the hill. And the last shiva in main temple. It was built recently (10+ years) and no legacy to look beyond the structure.

Temple throughout is neat, looks like it’s privately built and maintained. As we climbed, there was an elephant at the entrance of main temple. My daughter was seeing the animal close first time. She was all excited and joyful.

Given the landscape of Salem, I was expecting to see mountain range view from the hill. But there was no good view point to see the landscape on both sides.

Got a glimpse of hills on both sides, maps helped to find the names – Kanaja hills in the north and Jarugu/Nayinar hills in the southern side. Remember reading Bodha Malai is a good place to visit.

It was a good break for the evening and a reminder of hills to visit during these regular trips.

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