Trip to Mangrove forest

On the last day of our trip and way back to Chennai, we planned to visit Mangrove forest at Pichavaram. Started around noon from Kumbakonam, took close to 2 hours to reach Chidambaram (~70 kms).

Since there are no good restaurants around Pichavaram, we took lunch from (lunch was decent, their badam milk was awesome). Once we are outside Chennai, we realize how much we are paying out to live in a metro and the same comes at less than 50% in few hundred kilometers. In our overall trip, maximum meal cost for 3 in restaurants (not considering the resort/hotel food) was max 500 rs. Food quality was also top notch since we went only for restaurants that are rated good by customers.

We reached Pichavaram around 2.30 pm, december weather was pleasant at this time as well. After all temple visits and the crowd, social distancing was strictly maintained. They do sanitization too at the entrance and mask is a must. We took a motor boat, timing is reduced to 40 mins due to covid.

It’s a 3000 Acres marshland, hardly 2 feet deep. The back water is naturally converted to forest by true mangroves on the outer layer and different type of mangrove in the inner layer. Outer trees has aerial roots and the inner ones have roots grown from shore soil’s inside out. No cultivation, no human intervention but nature know what to plant and where.

Birds fishing is a beautiful sight, it roam around the water 7 to 8 feet high – spot the fish – make a vertical dive like a flash and catches the fish. Amazed at its skill. Mangroves forms canal like structure, as we get get inside the canals canopies give feeling of the forest.

Boatman shared the stories of the forest, more about the movies shot here. He showed the bridge used in Thuparivalan movie.

It was a pleasant boat ride, immersive experience with the nature!

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