Trip to Thanjavur

Thanjavur always brings in the image of its temples especially, the Brihadisvara temple. We visited Thanjavur for couple of days to go over its heritage sites.

Day started with visit to Brihadisvara temple. It was crowded as any another holiday, Covid can be realised only with people wearing masks. In fact, less chance of keeping social distancing even if we want to. But the temple was stunningly beautiful as ever. One could drown in to thoughts of its more than 1000 year history, built in 1010 AD – added walls and outer structure during Maratha period and finally to British hands in 19th century.

The idols change over the years but the base architecture remains intact and retains its authenticity.

Next stop was at Royal palace that includes Durbar hall, art gallery, royal museum and watch tower. The place is not well maintained both by government and we public whom ever visiting the site. The items in display and buildings deserves much more maintenance than its current poor state

However, what is in there is of diverse things of history. There are multiple museums inside that displays tools and equipment’s used by the royal family. Here the royal family is of King Sarabhoji and his predecessors. Durbar hall’s wooden structure is stands strong inspite of poor maintenance.

Sculptures belonging to different time periods, bronze statues are displayed. Most of the older structures and sculptures were of Yali (mythical creature of part lion, part horse and part elephant). What significance this creature holds in history is an interesting thing to explore.

There were also Buddha sculptures identified in near by places and built in 16th century.

Quite interesting to see how Tamil evolved over centuries. While entry to Saraswathi library was restricted, museum has few old manuscripts in display that gives glimpse of it.

There is 400 year old whale’s skeleton in display at watch tower. It’s gigantic bones and structure which was supposed to give shivering was in too pathetic state.

Day ended with trip to Mani Mandapam, it’s just a building with bunch of kids activities.

Overall good trip to take us back to South Indian historical events and its impact to today world.

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