Land of the Seven Rivers – Book Review

Picked up this book in effect of Volga to Ganga. Land of the Seven Rivers is a very interesting read about Indian Geography along with its History. It is a fast paced book with twists and turns of the civilization.

Starting with the Tectonic movement from Africa till 21st Century urbanization, author gives brief picture of how India crossed each of major civilizational changes. Books sequence the major events from Stone Age, formation of small communities, converting to kingdoms, foreign invasion from nearby lands, rise and fall of dynasties, invasion through water boundaries, Portugal/French occupation, Dutch/British colonisation, partition till modern India.

Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India's Geography by Sanjeev  Sanyal

Invasion from East and west side of the country, India’s influence in the south east countries are neatly sequenced. Mapping of India, scaling the Everest (never thought why this name came up!) and stories about ordinary people who took larger than their lives effort to meticulously do it are quite impactful. Facts about hunting, dwindling of Lion/Tigers in the country are shocking read.

What I liked most about the book, author explains how historical facts are arrived that are more than 2000 years old and its accuracy/assumptions of it. Reading books like this on the early ages would give lot more clarity of human evolution and sense of civilisation. Not too late to learn anything, quite a satisfied read.

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