Wellness Questions!

Number of hospital visits in the last 10 years made me to come to a realization few years back. These visits were for major and minor ailments for my family to some of corporate and governments run hospitals. Realization I had is to focus on my health and avoid visiting hospitals. Recent experience with a corporate hospital that put our entire family on huge stress for nothing, made me to look beyond modern medicine. And to loose trust in the existing healthcare system.

This makes me question each ailment, understand more about it and look beyond modern medicine. When it comes to healing, it could be just giving body its time to recover or look in to our traditional healing system. However, more focus on the preventive measures to be healthy.

As a collector of questions, health and wellness is one of the major areas that i keep learning and keep asking more

  • Should my stomach decides the food-eating quantity/quality or my taste buds?
  • Should i be conscious of my intake or eat what is available, which is in turn decided by food companies or supermarkets?
  • Should i do things like yoga, walking that would give me longevity and good health or ignore it (all is well now!), address it as it comes?
  • Should i understand more on the healing system that helped me to recover from ailment or leave it there and go back again if needed?
  • Should i focus on my mental wellness too? or Hey i have job to do! ?

Its the first half the questions that drives me and to keep learning! Answers would change over time but every time it gets deeper and more meaningful than before.

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