Rainy Reading!

Rain has never been in negative shade in memories. Even 2005 floods in Chennai, i recall as adventurous time walking in 3 feet water in the streets.

This year is different!! Already days months are hard to pass by. What’s mentally refreshing- evening walks, terrace hang outs and week trips for operational stuffs. But last 2 weeks, raining all through the day and even more at night. Water logging in the streets adds to the misery, not to mention the power cuts. Outdoor activities close to zero.

What helps to survive is reading. There are many a times I wonder what I would have done if not for my reading habit. This is one such. My reading is at its max, more than 2 hours a day and even more over the weekend. This is inspite of work and personal chores.

Some times wake up at night, hearing the oozy wind sound and sit with a book. Read few lines in between during a hectic work day, while waiting for dosa to fry, in the restroom, while brushing,… wherever … what I read changes from time to time. Generally one book leads to one or multiple books.

This too shall pass, rain after a week and lock down after few months. But the amount of reading has to continue! When I look back after few years, this year could be in negative shade for variety of reasons including rain. Reading would be the biggest boon of these times, a blessing in disguise !

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