From Volga to Ganga – Book notes – Part 3

In 2000 BC, Aryans from Vaksh river coast traveled across Kunar-Panjkora rivers, Pamir-Hindu kush mountains to reach Mangalore. Aryans here and from most of part of the country trade with Asuras in Pushkalavathi for Cotton and Copper.

Between 2000 BC till 700 BC, Man slowly changed from being a fighter for life to fighter for material things. Hierarchical caste system, slavery started during this time. While not so surprising, but man moved from panchayat based social structure to hierarchical structure with king, advisors, so on. Writing yet to start, Vedas are studied and carried forward for generations verbally. All these happen along the coast of Swat river, Sindhu and Panjalapura (Kanoj).

Between 490 BC to end of BC, Tribes and troops join to form kingdoms. This was needed for people to oppose the intruders powerful than themselves. Alexander’s army expands their boundary outside of Greece.

From AD, its gets more about dynasties, invasion, spread of Buddhism and hierarchical system. Rich gets richer and poor continue to be poor. Man, especially privileged group continue to define god, religion and how the social system should be. World gave birth to familiar philosophers, rulers and thinkers of the era. later part of the era is known history.

After some point in AD, i couldn’t track the flow of events that i stopped keeping track of it. But this book gave me way to couple more good books on history. More than that, this book changed my mind image of lot many things. It is like, when you see the map or a god statue, what i see is after the book perspective and before this book image is definitely different and far away.

End of notes.

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