Mental Fatigue!

Life seems to be too busy. Work, household chores, family, reading, travel… But there often seems to be a mental boredom or mental fatigue. I feel mentally exhausted, demotivated, getting irritated with no valid reasons and physical inaction. It comes mostly when there is no time critical work to do or when there is too much time critical things to do. Most often it happens when former occurs.

When ever this happens, mind automatically gets in to unwanted fight mode. It looks at petty issues and start creating big problems, questions it and make some impulsive conclusions/decisions. Trick is to be aware that I am under the control of Mental fatigue.

Earlier, for these I had an easy escaping mechanism. Get in to social networking sites, browse through, see what is going around and see what others are doing. This never helped but added tons of more tiredness. I got out of all networking sites months back and started looking for real solutions.

Solutions could differ for people but what seems to work for me is to acknowledge the boredom and not to take any decisions at that moment. Things that keeps me to boost up myself and save me not getting in to trouble

  • Don’t try to revisit any of the already set goals, be it personal or official
  • Avoid serious discussions with anyone (be it personal or official)
  • Write your mind in to the journal and reread your long term plans
  • No purchase of things and No overeating 🙂
  • Pick a new book of different genre than the ones currently reading
  • Hear good music, my recent pacifier (Mogathai, both the song and his voice brings immense calmness to the mind)
  • Restart or resume activities that you stopped recently due to procrastination or laziness

All it takes is few hours or a day to pass, be mentally awake till it goes off!

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