Trip to the Nilgiris

We went for a trip to Conoor last week. We were very hesitant to travel during these times but it was also a necessity being in lock down for such a long time. We avoided crowded places and outside food (other than the hotel we stayed) to be on safer side.

We started the trip from Erode in the morning, took Kothagiri route and reached Conoor post lunch. We had packed home food on the way and by the time we reached the Hotel, it started raining. We didnt pay much attention to weather forecast as we planned to stay indoors most of the time. We stayed at Sunvalley Homestay for the entire trip and it was such a comfortable stay.

View from the room – Sunvalley Homestay

Due to continous rain, we had to stay indoors for first 2 days. It was pleasant though with no chores, no work after a long time and just think about what to read, what to order for next meal. Third day, we visited Dolphin’s nose, Lamb’s rock and Sim’s park. Dolphin’s nose and Lamb’s rock was closed (due to covid) but Sim’s park was open for visitors. We went till the view point in Dolphin’s nose, and that itself had a scenic view. It was after rain, mist was playing around and could not get a full 360 degree view but what we saw itself was very beautiful.

Lamb’s rock was closed, i think well ahead of view point and couldn’t see anything except for the tea estate. On the way, we visited a small tea factory and it was disheartening to see the impact covid has created to these factories and people who are dependent on it.

Sim’s Park was my kid’s favorite of the trip, for it had huge old trees and a well maintained park. Looking at the 200+ old trees, especially its trunk still staying strong reminds we have a short life.

Next day, we went to Ooty which is around 20 kms from Conoor. Most of the tourist attractions were closed, and we visited the tea factory, rose garden and Murugan temple. Tea factory was a good experience to go over the tea making process with fragrance of the tea.

We went to Kodanad View Point in the evening but it was also closed. And on the way, village had a board that said outsiders are banned 🙂 . Though the view point was closed, the road leading to the view point gave good glimpse of the view. More than that, the way to Kodanad was too scenic, it gave the enormity of western ghats and up/downs of the valley.

Last day, we had nice breakfast in the hotel and started back home. this time, took the Conoor to Mettupalayam route and again mesmerizing view of the valley/mountains.

Given the closure of attractions, we saved heritage train, Kodanad view point and other peak points for next time. Visited Kallar horticulture farm, liked the exotic trees around (River view closed though). Through out the trip, one thing that stayed in the mind was the mountain ranges and its enormity. Worth the trip!

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