From Volga to Ganga – Book notes – Part 2

This book makes me look for places, rivers to understand the chronology of events. And there are a lot of information given in the book including different tribe names, dynasties and its relevance to ancient texts like vedas. I dont intend to capture all of it but only the high level details to understand the evolution of human life in this part of the world.

So far, one key take away is, humans from the beginning till date are always at war through out, to live as an individual or community. War with animals, nature, fellow humans. Could see why war becomes the source of invention from arms to internet.

Moving on to the notes, we are in 3000 BC near central Asia with Indo Iranian race. There seems to be many troops big and small occupying their own land areas. Here men lead the place, people already settled in one place, grow livestocks for food/trade and started agriculture. Tribes in this place also invade but take away women and livestocks as they win. Women here neither participate in war not play a role in important decisions. They live as families to an extent.

When women from this group and men from Volga basin join to form families, new culture sets in. Where people settle as families, grow live stocks, cultivate food, men and women participate in all activities including war. When there is invasion by enemy tribes, they fight each other and this tribe bring along the women/kids of enemy troop after winning. Given that enemy side men are killed in war, polygamy becomes an accepted norm here.

It’s 2500 BC, we are with same Indo Iranian people at Vaksh river coast in Tajikistan. Here Villages are created on both sides of the river. These are settlements with proper family structure, their own live stocks and houses. Copper is used for vessels and arms, it’s imported from other places to here. People here trade horses for Copper.

Troops with copper arms gets stronger and they are most likely to win than the ones with stone arms. This makes every group posses copper arms in order to survive the enemy attacks or to invade. People here also bring in slaves to make arms and to do cultivation in farms. Some groups tried to abolish slavery. This era seems to be the origin of Aryans.

As i read through the book, many questions and many detailed study required to understand the history. I hope this book will be a good trigger to do a more detailed study of Human History.

to be contd…

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