Allergic Nose block, Yoga/Pranayama

I was suffering from Nasal congestion for about 1.5 years. One or both nasal cavity will be blocked with or with out mucus. And i used to suffer from the morning till night and at times i would wake up at night with difficulty in breathing. Some times there will be no sense of smell too. And this will aggravate while in AC (room, car or any cool place). I had to avoid AC (not successful though), stop eating cold items and carry a handkerchief all the time.

I never had any allergy or sinus problem before this. Went to multiple doctors, all pointed to allergy and gave anti allergic medication. It seemed ok and relief when i take the medication but once i stop, it comes back with in a day or two. Took Siddha medication also for some time. But none of these had cure. And doctors also said it might not be curable, you can only take medication for symptoms relief.

I was never allergic to any item before and could not believe how am i allergic to something all of a sudden. But an old ENT doctor gave medication and also clearly said, you should do breathing exercise daily. That would be the only cure for long term. He suggested Pranayama. I was ready to do anything to get a permanent cure. I am mentally allergic to medicine/hospitals, and do anything natural to get a cure.

Lockdown helped me to stop my regular walking and try out yoga work outs along with Pranayama. I took yoga classes 10 years back and this helped to restart. Thanks for the you tube videos, learning is quite easy. Within couple of weeks, i was able to see good improvement with out medication. And after 20+ days, it occasionally came when i took some thing cold or in prolonged AC. But weeks later, that was also gone. Its been 8 months now and i dont have the slightest symptom of it. Only thing i continue to do daily is Yoga Asanas (at the least weekly 5 days) along with the breathing exercise (Pranayama).

This is a big relief and yet another lesson to take care of body/soul. This also helped to trust more on the natural relief, listen to body more and give its own time to recover.

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