Step towards Natural and Sustainable Living – Reduce Waste + Composting

Composting is something i have been doing for last 6 years on and off. This covid situation made me do it regularly and i am happy that not even 1 day food waste went to landfill in the last 8 months. At the same time, i am not an expert at it. I do and want to continue doing after seeing the landfills, pollution its creating to underground water and surrounding atmosphere. While this may not save a lot, but a satisfaction of doing your part to the environment.

I started with Khamba for composting at first. It is good and come along with the remix powder that helps to compost sooner with not much smell. Unless religiously followed – the process of it (generous quantity of remix powder, turning the pile once in a while), there would be problem of maggots. I do try to follow but sometimes, either i put less of the remix powder or forget to turn it. So i end up getting maggots inside the home (i kept the khamba in the balcony). And another problem is shifting the pile from one pot to another, pots are heavy. Tried stacked plastic containers from same vendor too, but had more maggots due to its non-porosity. So i put my khamba to rest and use it only to store dry leaves. And converted the plastic bins to pots!

What works for me is self made compost pots and plastic bins. Took a larger pot and made holes at bottom, around. And a large plastic bin , again holes and lid. I use dry leaves for carbon but that doesn’t compost sooner as the remix powder. So I buy remix powder and mix it with the food waste. Once the pot is full, top it up with dry leaves so it prevents insects. Even here there were many mishaps, i ended dumping the waste in my backyard in the soil. I realize, soil does the job excellently with out anything needed. Only if there is enough space to create a compost pit in the backyard, then nothing is needed, neither bins nor remix powders. Soil will take care of itself, such rich microbes working all the time. But in city, we lack that and pots/bins are only options.

With 3 large pot/bins, i get regular supply of compost for trees and plants. I dont buy/add anything else other than home compost, plants are so healthy!

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