Cultivation of Mind

Seeing this quote, “Cultivation of Mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence” triggered thoughts. Aim of human existence is dealt at different dimensions and based on life experience by different people. But Cultivation of mind is definitely one important aspect. How do i cultivate the mind, knowingly unknowingly. For some especially fortunate some, life or i would say people around them (be it parents, mentors, teachers,..) expose them to instances that would help to dwell in to things, experience and eventually cultivate. But most often, or at least for most of us that doesn’t happen.

Should i take effort to do this, search for such instances, areas and immerse yourself in to it? And my mind is not my slave, to do what i ask for. It switches from one to another, especially focusing on things that i don’t want to focus. Fear, Sorrow, ego are constant companions too. With all these, how do i cultivate the mind. While all the instances add for cultivation, i should also be mindful of what i am cultivating. I can cultivate a weed that are not so useful or a poisonous one that harm others. Or i can cultivate a short term crop that is beneficial for now or mid or long term that are useful throughout. In addition to it, short term or long term will keep the surrounding in balance with you. And you focus on growing yourself ignoring petty weeds/dusts but at same time in harmony with nature/others.

Getting caught up with day to day chores, work, problems are easy escape. Mind grows in the way it wants. What are the areas i or my mind should focus on, what are things i need to ignore.

There are times when that cultivation is questioned, either by our self or by others. More questions being women in this cultural setting. But questions are always good, we should be collector of questions, isn’t it?

Questioning, searching/experiencing answers which would invoke more questions is a loop that should continue to till last moment is what i think cultivates the mind for good.

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