The flame of discontent

This phrase i heard first thru J.Krishnamurti’s speech/writing. While this is intense topic in itself, I tried relating it to my personal experience. I am yet to fully realize the subject, but the flame is there.

This discontent is not the discontent that arises out of envy or a want to get better things. But most often this flame is put off by materialistic pursuits, money or job and try to be gratified with that. In fact, this flame is misunderstood as the above worldly pursuits.

What I begin to understand is, this flame should be ignited by true inquiry process. Which means, with in our self, with our true self, with out our traditional and cultural limitations. Not to mention the mental baggage we are carrying over period of time. The direction is not to find a way for contentment or satisfaction or an end to this flame. But rather, try finding the source of discontent and keep questioning ourselves. With this the flame should be ignited more with out focusing on the results. Focusing on the results is a way to put off the flame. We have to be a collector of questions as in this cartoon,

for the answers would become old and irrelevant but the questions keep giving us new answers, more importantly new questions.

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