The Vision of Natural Farming – Book Review

This book by Bharat Mansata changed the direction of my life. Protagonist of the book is the legend of natural farming in India, Bhaskar Save. Author give lot of details on the Indian agricultural practices, Green revolution and its ill effects and how is food perceived by common people.

In more detailed way, he take us through Save’s farm and his farming practices. Save himself was once conventional farmer, in fact a pioneer for chemical farming in early years. But after seeing what chemicals does to the land, crops and yield, he slowly converted his farm to natural farming. His farm Kalpavruksha was famously told by Fukuoka that its better than his own farm. Author here truly gives us the experience of going through Save ji’s farm.

This book made me realise farming is not a mundane work but rather it gives learning for life. His experiments to space the trees, grow long-medium-short term trees/plants part of mixed cropping are eye openers. From here, it lead me to start with learning permaculture, circle garden and different types of farming techniques. And infact, this book made me to seriously look at the food consumed. Though its a very long way to go, this book was the door to it.

Its an intense book with lot of details and data. Only very few books gives me sadness that its getting over and this is one of those books. Anyone interested in natural farming, gardening would love this book.

Bhaskar Save, the Gandhi of Natural Farming - Resilience

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