In Search of living close to Nature

Being a gardener and coming from agricultural family, there is always interest towards food and its source. This helps me understand the pain of cultivating it with minimal or no profit using conventional agricultural practices.

Agriculture was(is) not seen as a profession due to the lack of comfort/money and we move to cities to live a comfortable life. But after most of our expectations are met and once in comfortable life, the search for going back to roots starts. Is it natural or obvious, don’t know. But it’s definitely a good way forward.

As initial steps of going back to or going close to nature, started looking at areas where am going against nature and how can it be reduced/removed. Started with food we eat, waste generated at home and chemicals used at home.

Given that sustainability and going back to nature are synonymous, taking these measures should also reduce the cost involved. And more importantly, as the legend says

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings – Masanobu Fukuoka”

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