Step towards Natural and Sustainable Living – Food Intake

I started seriously questioning the food consumed by us couple of months back, pandemic situation helped to go inward. Looking at the conventional agricultural practices and the amount of pesticides used, its very alarming to know that ALL food we consume are poisoned in small or larger quantities. Looking at people experience of going through … Continue reading Step towards Natural and Sustainable Living – Food Intake


Education was mode of achieving good life (mostly materialistic), exposure to world, financial independence and a comfortable life. This was my thought process till an year back, till I get introduced to KFI. KFI introduced me to J. Krishnamurti, his books and his schools. While K's philosophy applies for whole of life, his work in … Continue reading Education

How true!

Realised how true this is "This is still the model of the economy of the 1%. The tools of extraction, and the colonies might change but the patterns of colonization remain unchanged – grab and steal what belongs to others, make it your own property, collect rents from the original owners, transform the displaced  into … Continue reading How true!