Refuse to Choose – Book review

Being multi passionate, often throws the question of worthiness that seems to defeat the purpose or meaning of life. Many of us are culturally brought up to earn for living and lead happy life with family. But after a point when basic necessities are met, some of us get in to questioning the purpose of life and search for the true meaning. That too, if many areas interests you and not an expert in one will post lot of questions and dissatisfaction over all.

This book of “Refuse to Choose” by Barbara Sher is for type of people who are interested in many areas. She calls them Scanners and the books explores the Scanner characteristics and types of scanners. Reading this book, gave me realization that there is nothing wrong in having varied interests. And it is like giving yourself permission to follow your heart.

Book entirely deals with Scanner personality, experience from different type of scanners, projects and exercises for each scanner type and whole lot of examples from people. Author recommends different careers from her experience and other scanners. Underlying theme of Scanner is to try out the different projects in parallel and not to stick to one or two areas as conventionally thought.

While most aspects of the book are informative read, at times, examples get overboard and dilute the essence of the chapter. Apart from this, its is a good book for scanners and in fact an eye opener in getting to know multiple characteristics of this personality type. And how relevant and relaxation it gives you if you are a scanner.

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