The Old man and the Sea – Book Review

Its been few years that i read a novel. Picked up this book “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway. This is a small book and it narrates the story of old fisher man, young boy and a large fish.

At some or other point of life, every one goes through a phase of solitude. Its that phase makes us strong or weak and to retrospect or introspect. It also gives us opportunity to stay strong, stay still and not be a prey for the situation.

This story is very much about it where the author take us with the old man to the sea, be patient enough for the right fish, stay put for days hanging on to the big fish, waiting for the right time to bring it onshore.

Its a story of loneliness, love, struggle and perseverance. In the series of events, there are places where one needs to sit through the tide and one where one need to stand against it strong.

Its all about life and old man is only a metaphor here. A short classic for week end read!

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