The Shooting Star – Book review

Travel being interesting topic to explore, i picked up this book in the hope of learning or get inspired. Scanned through internet about this author and her solo travel interested me to buy this book “The Shooting Star” by Shivya Nath.

Book is fast paced with chapters going back and forth in the years. Author narrates her life from being Indian upbringing girl to a nomad-nomad life she has been leading for many years now.

When i say nomad, its actually being nomad with no home to come back. She lives with 20 kg luggage and stays which ever place she is traveling to. And she is traveling through the year!!!

Definitely daring but not a lifestyle or life that most people would aspire for. This book will take you through night skies of Spiti (a valley in Himalayas), Costa Rica, Jordan, Armenia, Australia, Guatemala and place i never dreamed of to travel.

This books is for people who are daring to adventure solo or interested in reading the adventures.

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