A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment ! – Part 1

I follow few of bloggers and take lot of learning’s from their learning. One such is Anu’s. In one of her blogs, she mentioned about a Coursea course which is title of this blog “A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment !”. This is something i read quite a lot in books and articles in the last few years. So immediately took this course which is also free of cost. If this title rings a bell for you then this course is must take for you.

From my experience, Happiness is something we seek for at some point of life. We live years together not thinking about it but actually being happy. But once you get out of that and start seeking happiness that is when pursuit becomes a tedious job.

While i started this journey not for happiness, but for the meaning or purpose in life. It eventually lead to the point where if you are happy then what you do is meaningful for you or if you do what is meaningful for you, then you are happy. This seems easier and simpler.

This course gives you the process to achieve the happiness and fulfillment in life. I would have not given a serious thought and attention to this course, if i wouldn’t have spent enough time in seeking the purpose or happiness. So unless you are not serious seeker of it, then this course might not be for you!

Before i get in to details of the course (that i planned in later blogs), let me tell you why this course impressed me a lot. This is well researched, well detailed, lot of references to relevant books, articles, survey and fully backed up by data. May be because of our industry experience and my area of interest, i started seeing data backed metrics outside of work too. While this topic being too vague to be data based and too subjective to lay out a process, this course meticulously cover these aspects with complete data from different countries, different age groups and different characteristic people. And to add, this being authored and implemented by premier management colleges in US and India adds its own credibility to the consumer.

To give bird’s eye view of this course, this course talks about 7 deadly sins of happiness and Habits/Exercises to overcome the sins. This will eventually help you to lead a happier and fulfilled life. This is a 4 weeks course with some 20 hours of video and additional study materials. I am 70% complete and planning to share the learnings post completion.

If this topic is slightly intriguing too, then i strongly recommend to try out this course – A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

Happy Learning!

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