Stop at 99 Km Coffee Shop

We were on a trip to Madurai and Rameshwaram recently. Weather was refreshing in the morning, roads till chengalpattu was scenic with colourful bouganville and Gulmohar tress.

Stopped for a tea break at 99 Km Magic coffee shop. It’s one of shops selling food, books, plant saplings, wooden toys, natural products to be close to nature. They serve food mostly from South Indian millets, haven’t tried their food as we mostly stop for tea break.

This time, there were variety of herbal waters available for free. Though it might be for marketing, it’s eco friendly one than the thirst quenchers sold at abnormal prices. They had

Tasted all of them expecting to have not so likeable taste but to my surprise each of them had different taste with nice aroma. Except for sugar which our taste buds are used to, these were tastier and pleasant intake.

Followed by Vaazhai Poo vadai (Banana Blossom). Tried this vada at different places but defiinitely it’s best here. With no or negligible oil seen, crunchy , soft and at its best taste. This is must try at this shop.

Nice ambience and feel good place to visit!

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